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All treutmade products are handmade and unique. You will not find an exact match of the item you bought anywhere in the world. Some designs can be reproduced more or less accurately depending on the availability of fabrics used. Others, like the embroidered collection, can be reproduced very closely.

The materials used, mainly vintage fabrics, but also new fabrics with traditional patterns, are strictly natural.

Items marked as available can be bought right away. This information is, however, provisional, as orders are not aligned with stock in real-time. That's why we always send you an E-Mail confirming the availiability of the products you ordered and giving you the necessary payment information. Items marked as on hold have been ordered, but the transaction hasn't been completed yet. Items with a specified delivery time show sample images of designs that can be delivered within the time stated. With these items it is possible to follow your wishes concerning colours, patterns or measures. Depending on the extent of variations prices of customized items may differ from those shown on the product pages.

Information on using the shop can be found on the help page. Just click on the link next to the shopping cart link in the upper right corner of the page.